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UBL Design Group

übl Design Group

Burleigh County Highway Department

In North Dakota, pre-cast concrete construction has been a valid response to the need for a durable, low-maintenance building in a short timeframe. Through this solution we began to push the traditional limits and find ways to make pre-cast concrete more than the concrete boxes that are typically seen. Through the use of multiple finish levels and design elements to celebrate entrances, stretch contrasts and allow surfaces to push and pull on multiple scales — the result becomes a thoughtful building that can be enclosed quickly, yet built to last a lifetime.

  • Building Exterior and Entrance
  • Interior Waiting Room
  • Exterior
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“Throughout the whole design phases they were very good at letting us know how changes that we were proposing would affect the bottom line of the project and worked very hard to keep us on budget…I have been amazed on how few changes we have needed to make on the new highway shop project.”

Marcus Hall, County Engineer