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UBL Design Group

übl Design Group

Creative Arts + Communication Center

Creative Arts Communication Center

In our ongoing quest for work in the world of higher education, our team completed a one-week design exercise as a part of the professional selection process for Bismarck State College’s Creative Arts & Communication Center. This project was an exciting juncture between different collegiate disciplines that start to blend and expose information and experiences. One of the more interesting ideas that we developed was placing painting and sculpture studios on strong circulation paths, traversed by all students and faculty. Then we opened those spaces up for glimpses of these activities, to boost college-wide interest and participation in the arts.

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“Architecture is a collaborative art involving architects, clients and builders. The Übl Design architectural team uses a palette of creativity, vision and passion and mix it with genuinely sincere service in their collaborative art. They understand and address the broader issues of the social and cultural importance of their work in helping Bismarck become the community so many want it to be.”

Eileen Walsh, Executive Director Dakota West Arts Council