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Our Philosophy

We believe there is potential in every project and never settle for mediocrity. We solve complex problems and lead our clients to success through creative thinking, visionary ideas, and a proven process that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Meet the team

Our team is composed of talented, passionate individuals who embrace teamwork, lead by example, value research and see opportunities to raise the standard of our work – from design and detailing to relationships and communication.

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  • Jeff Ubl, Architect Email
  • Doria Burthold, Interior Designer Email
  • Patrick Jackson, Sr. Project Manager / Designer Email
  • Blake Dinkins, Project Manager / Designer Email
  • Alicia Brackel, Project Manager / Designer Email

Our Process

Inspiring clients and transforming the community with big ideas.

We consistently deliver innovation through a collaborative three-step process. But that’s only the beginning. Our success is achieved by pairing the talents of our diverse team with those of our strategic partners to conceive and realize amazing structures across the Midwest.

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1. Plan

As with any new idea or project, a lot of planning is needed to bring it to life. Our office provides you with the information needed to make sound decisions from the very beginning. Some examples include cost estimating, comparing viable sites, evaluating preliminary code constraints, modeling plans and design options and master-planning for the future. The more complete of a picture we paint, the more confident our clients become when it’s time to make decisions.

2. Design

In the sea of decisions that you must make throughout the design phase of project, we use some simple strategies to successfully navigate the waters. It’s our responsibility to provide you with clear and thorough data, to methodically present the questions in layers from scope to detail, and to document the decisions paired with reasoning, for future reference and records.

3. Build

Our construction documents set the bar high, as to the craft expected in the “build” phase. From the first shovel hitting the ground, to the last stroke of touch-up paint, we are present on-site regularly. Our team problem solves with contractors, ensures a quality of construction and formally reports on progress. Ultimately, through listening and learning, the built solution becomes a reflection of your vision.

übl works in an open studio environment, not private offices, to foster stronger working relationships, faster problem-solving, and a collaborative working model.

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Community involvement

We have an intrinsic connection to our community, which compels us to give back in as many ways as we can. Übl Design Group has partnered with several area non-profits, helping to explore solutions, develop programs and plan for the future. As individuals, we also support and encourage each other to contribute outside of the office…to interact, to learn and educate and to give the gift of time.