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210 South 12th Street
Bismarck, ND, 58504

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Übl Design Group is an architecture, interior design and planning studio located in Bismarck, North Dakota that works on all project types, including educational, governmental, industrial and commercial development.  

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Burleigh County Highway Department Garage and Shop

Burleigh County Highway Department Garage and Shop

Burleigh County, ND

As a center of administration, operations and maintenance, the Burleigh County Highway Department Garage and Shop is an extremely busy place.  Due to the workload and highly technical tasks performed at the shop, getting the design correct was especially important.  For this project, the design process included:

  • Documentation: gather, assess and verify information on all existing equipment and vehicles

  • Storage Evaluation: design the space to efficiently store of materials, equipment and vehicles

  • Circulation Design: provide the proper clearances so vehicles could be maneuvered easily and without restriction

  • Coordination: layout and design of welding areas, bridge cranes, fuel distribution and waste oil system

Since the project was on a critical timeline, Übl Design Group ensured the design process was always moving forward, yet being certain to work through and resolve design challenges.

Through rigorous programming and regular design review meetings, Übl Design Group became familiar with county staff and their personalities.  Through this open and efficient process, the design team and the owner produced a solution that was cost effective and responsive to the needs of the county.